How To Sign Arms Supply Agreement In Last Shelter

After the end of the first contest, the winning district is awarded to another winning district with the next lot number, and the losing district is assigned to another losing district with the next lot number. Opponents for the remaining weeks are identified in this way. When the tournament is over, high-level districts are sent to the high-level group, and low-level districts are sent into the low-level group. Would you say that the supply of weapons is worth nothing but for the solar panel? I know resources become insignificant as soon as you move forward. The use of heroes. Heroes have the will and the most powerful abilities. To protect your troops and build a powerful city in recent days, the existence of a great hero is essential for a commander. Commanders can train in barracks, send heroes on campaigns with troops or leave them in urban buildings to improve the effectiveness of urban planning. If the leader has not set the difficulty level at the beginning of the event, the value selected last time is determined by default. When the Alliance participates for the first time in the event, the standard failure is a low level of difficulty. When the event ends, the Alliance Leader will have time to distribute rewards while members will no longer be able to receive points. A chance introduction.

Commanders who have not yet registered with the Alliance for the season can travel to Eden via Random Introduce. A random entry corresponds to the Eden area according to the power of the commander. When the final stages of the end-of-task points are reached, the Alliance leader will receive an additional bonus. At the end of an event, if an ally does not spend a reward in the specified time, the system will automatically give a reward to the top five Alliance members who contributed to that event. If you deal or leave the Alliance during the event, you cannot receive the reward properly. 4. Electricity. Electricity is an essential resource for the operation of buildings. If there is not enough electricity, building productivity decreases. After the construction of a power plant, you deliver fuel to the station to generate electricity.

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