No Sender Agreement Configured That Matches The Message`s Header Fields

I selected ASMA in CC and in the dummy name listed in the name of the receiver file and in the CC transmitter. But still iam with errors like `is not understandable. Your email address will not be published. The required fields are checked – To apply the following attributes in message XI heads, set the corresponding indicators: Under File Coding, enter a page of code. The default setting is the use of the system code page specific to the configuration of the installed operating system. The contents of the file are converted before sending to the UTF-8 code page. The main reason for the error is that the IP/PO operating time tries to determine how the service interface works. This should be compatible with the XML root element of the message. In this case, it is not compatible because of the SOAP envelope.

You want to process all files with the “.txt” extension, but exclude all files starting with the letter “a.” To do this, enter `.txt for the file name and `a` for the exclusion mask. If NWDS – IFlow is used for configuration, don`t touch the associated built-in configuration (ICo), as this can lead to inconsistencies that cause errors that are untraceable or cannot be resolved. The successful message assignment test does not necessarily mean that your scenario is set up correctly. File sender: Hi Rajiv, “but if I use Synchronous Interfacename in sender agreeemnt, in determining the interface there is its non-identifying process assignment” For the sending agreement, so you have the same behavior with mine. Recently I tried D`Async/Sync bridge with Sync REST adapter not working. This blog by Alexey Pitroff also mentioned Async /Sync Bridge with Sync RFC will not work in which instead need to use the module on the transmitter adapter. See the comment in figure 26 of his blog.ücke For the determination of the interface: In this second flow to OM_RFC2FILE, I use the synchronization interface of the 1st flow to determine the OM, you should be able to get a similar result this way. Check your OM again. Merry Christmas!! 🙂 Greetings, Yee Loon To record adapter attributes in message XI`s header, set the license plate Specify adapter-specific message attributes. The number of seconds the adapter has to wait if no file is found for processing. Enter the name of the file you want to process. The name may contain substitutes. (substitute for exactly one character) to allow you to select a list of files for processing. ? If you want to send a text file with complex data structures to convert to an XML document to the integration engine or PCK, select the conversion of the file content and make the inputs needed to convert to the content conversion settings (see below).

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