Argentia Husky Agreement

The labour agreement is also an abandonment of earlier agreements relating to projects such as Hebron and Vale`s nickel processing plant in Long Harbour. Wages will be “slightly” lower and what some industry insiders call “complex jurisdictional issues” appears to have been eliminated as unions move closer to a formal employment contract for the construction of a concrete engraving structure (CGS) in Argentia. There is an obligation to register before receiving a request for offer or a request for offer. The purchase process promises full and fair opportunities, tenders, confidentiality agreements and compliance with Husky`s Newfoundland Advantage Plan, the Atlantic Accord Act and the Special Project Collective Agreement. A formal collective agreement that will create urgent work for hundreds of union members over the next few years could be cancelled as early as next week, said Tom Woodford, business manager at Ironworkers Local 764. WADA President Hedley Burge said last year: “AMA has signed an agreement that would allow Husky to use Argentia to eventually carry out a major construction project to support its offshore oil operations in Newfoundland. This company has an outstanding reputation as the operator of the white rose deposit in this province, and we are pleased and proud to have chosen Argentia as their preferred destination if they continue with the Wellhead Platform (WHP) construction project. These agreements were negotiated with all 16 unions and created what one insider called productivity competence issues, with “up to four or five groups of workers who have to do something very simple.” Our province, our region and our country depend on the oil and gas industry. Newfoundland and Labrador has proven that we are a place rich in resources, expertise and supply capacity. All that makes sense is for our federal government to support our industry. – AnnMarie Boudreau, CEO, St. John`s Board of Trade Government, must aim to repair Canada`s deep economic wounds and prevent the destruction of important industries like the Atlantic Ocean due to COVID-19. Offshore offers thousands of well-paying jobs in the private sector and generates billions of dollars in government revenue….

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