Collective Labour Agreement (Cao) Of Dutch Universities

Other agreements concern the redefinition of mobility agreements for auxiliaries and managers (OBP), the establishment of the ombudsman`s position for all universities and the career prospects of young scientists (WP). Sectoral Regulation on Disputes for Dutch Universities 2020 Universities and trade unions have jointly launched a “public-friendly” version of the collective agreement. This website offers a general overview of the entire employment contract and clearly contains the most important information about the conditions of employment. The information relating to the collective agreement provided on this website is not exhaustive, so it is not possible to deduce rights from it. If you want to read the full text of the Collective Agreement of dutch universities (CAD NU), you can download it completely or click on the hyperlinks to view the corresponding CAD articles. The allowances and benefits agreed with the trade unions are defined in the collective agreement of the Dutch universities. The CAONU (the latest version of the global employment contract), valid from 1 January 202o, can be downloaded via the menu on the right. The parties reserve 0.45% of the single salary margin for random financing of bottlenecks in response to costs related to covid 19 issues related to the terms and conditions of employment of our employees. In this context, it is possible to consider extending the fixed-term contracts of scientists, doctoral students, teachers and the assistance and management staff (OBP) who support them. In the coming weeks, it will be a question of concluding agreements on how universities can use this reserve. If you run a business in the Netherlands, you may need to work with a collective agreement (CAO).

CAOs are collective agreements between employers (or employers` organizations) and trade unions on wages and other terms and conditions of employment. The amount of staff costs to be financed may be deducted from the salary scales of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (Dutch acronym VSNU). . . .

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